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about me

 Where do I begin?


I'm a wife, mother of a son with autism, financial fitness coach, certified credit coach, author, cancer survivor, and nursing degree recipient.   


When I'm not wearing those hats, I'm running my nonprofit organization F.A.C.E. (Facing Autism with Children Everywhere). 


I started Financial Common Cents around the time I was recovering from my own financial crisis and I wanted to educate and empower others to take charge of their credit, budget, and savings. 

What Clients are saying about Shanté

I had my consultation with Shanté last month and wow! All I can say is she knows her stuff.​ Not only did she give me a step by step plan on what I needed to do to clean up my credit, but she wrote my letters for me (because just don't have that kind of time on my hands). I'm happy to say that I received positive outcomes and my score has increased!


In less than ONE month, (with a lot of direction from Shanté), my Equifax score went up 66 points and my TransUnion score went up 92 points! And using the letters Shanté sent me , they took two old accounts that had gone into collections off my reports!!!! Shanté, you and this group are awesome! Thank you so much!

Wendy S.


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