Save Small...Live Large

Hey Shanté, how did you manage to save $1200 in just one year, without even missing it?

Well I'm glad you asked! Check this out...

This time last year, I downloaded an app called Qapital. It allowed me to set up any bank accounts, debit, and credit cards that I use. Then, I set specific rules for how I wanted to save. Rounding to the Nearest $1.00 and the $52.00 Week Rule were the two I chose.

The way the rounding rule works is, if I made a purchase for $ would round to the nearest $1.00, which would be $3.00, and save $.90 for me.

The 52 week rule is set up to save the dollar amount that coincides with the week, based on when you start. So, week 1 you'd save, $1...week 2 you'd save $2.00, week 3 you'd save $3.00. I'm currently on week 35.

I just recently added the "Set & Forget" rule, which allows you to manually save a specific amount daily, weekly, or monthly.

They also have rules like:

Guilty Pleasure- If you buy an item you're trying to resist, it "takes money" from you

Spend Less- Set a budgeted dollar amount, and if you spend less than that, it saves the difference for you.

In the past, they've had fun rules like, save $1 every time you post on Instagram, or when the temperature goes above 80 degrees you save a specific amount. To be honest, I never remember that I have money in my Qapital account unless someone mentions it...then I check, and am always shocked how much I've managed to save! SIGN UP TODAY!!!

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