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First thing I did was set up a consultation with the founder of this group- Shanté Nicole.  I let her tell me exactly what to do and my score went up to 100 points in 6 months from following her game plan.
Lori V.
I'm not one to write reviews, but ya'll better sign up for a credit consultation.  Shanté is the TRUTH. I've done a lot of dances with credit, and a lot of what I know is how to avoid situations through having made the mistakes before. What I didn't know is how to repair the mistakes and how to start. Shanté helped me with all of that. Her service is valuable, and well worth the money! Combined with all of the resources in this group and on her website, there's nothing you can't accomplish. 
Loni M.
Scores have jumped like crazy using all the credit smart stuff here the past month..and I'm sure will continue so I can get a newer car and help buy a new home in two years with my family. All because a woman has founded this group to help others better themselves. Someone with a caring compassionate manner for others..not wanting a thing in return..my hero. And thank you to all the others here with great posts and suggestions. I am beyond blessed to have stumbled on this group...firm believer God sent you.

J.J. Kintz
May 2017
I just did this!..Thanks Shanté and group...I was able to.. on my terms..with your help..God is good!!!
J.J. Kintz
July 2017
Had the best conversation with Shanté this afternoon.  Advice for anyone that hasn't set up a consultation with her...SET ONE UP! She has a lot of information and she gives it away at an affordable price.  
Shannon M.
I am happy to announce...I have removed myself from all other financial/credit advice groups! This is the only group I will ever need towards my journey to good credit success! No bs... No other group can compare!
Sabrina M.
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