Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Credit Repair GPS Bootcamp?

This program designed to empower and educate individuals on building good credit and making better financial decisions in regards to saving, budgeting, spending, and managing debt. You'll also have the opportunity to become a part of a private community of like-minded individuals that will be there to provide encouragement and support.

What are the benefits and perks of joining?

You will have full access to: *Credit Repair videos and lessons *Workbooks & Planners *Workshops & Courses *Live Q&A sessions *Contests & Giveaways *Financial webinars from leading experts​ *LOTS OF BONUSES!!!!

How much does it cost?

A one-time price of $99 ($1297 value)

How do I navigate through the club?

All content is available to you at all times, at any time.

Simply search for the topic you'd like to dive deeper into, watch the videos, and complete the worksheets (if applicable).

What are some of the topics taught in the Credit Repair Lessons?

*The best course of action when rebuilding and repairing your credit *Understanding how to read your credit report *All about credit scores (which ones matter) *Credit Myths & Misconceptions *Properly disputing negative items *Credit law........and more!